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Design Excellence Awards

The Interior Design Confederation Singapore’s (IDCS) Design Excellence Awards (DEA) sets out to recognise the best of commercial, residential and public design by the Interior Design industry in Singapore and Asia Pacific, endorsing and celebrating the achievements of professionals and students alike. With DEA, IDCS seeks to champion design excellence, as well as elevate and promote the quality and standards of interior design both locally and regionally.

For the 10th cycle of the Awards, IDCS brings back twenty-six of the most popular award categories across the two competition tracks: Interior Design Excellence Awards (I-DEA) for professional interior designers and firms and Spatial Design Awards (SPADE) for students. These Awards are considered a seal of excellence and proof of outstanding achievements in the design field, acknowledged by a professional jury panel.

These awards conferred upon winners bring with them acclamation from their peers and press coverage from the Design Media such as Dexigner, Home & Décor, Business Times, The Luxury Channel, JetGala, Epicure to name a few, and carry both national and international industry importance.

The judging process is based on the scoring of projects anonymously, transparently and confidentially. Jurors are eminent, award winning and industry acclaimed Design professionals appointed by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS).

In January 2021, the APAC Insider's fifth annual Singapore Business Awards, announced that the Interior Design Confederation Singapore was awarded the “Best Interior Design Practitioner Support Service 2021”, recognising the significant contribution the Interior Design Confederation Singapore has made to the Interior Design Industry at a national and regional level.

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