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Entry Fees

Submit early and get an additional 10% off for single or multiple entries in any category!

Early Bird ends on Fri, 13 May 2022

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First & Second Entry Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 520/entry S$ 468/entry
Non‑member S$ 580/entry S$ 522/entry
Student Member S$ 50/entry S$ 45/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 60/entry S$ 54/entry
Third & Fourth Entry (10% Off) Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 468/entry S$ 421.20/entry
Non‑member S$ 522/entry S$ 469.80/entry
Student Member S$ 45/entry S$ 40.50/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 54/entry S$ 48.60/entry
Fifth & Subsequent Entries (15% off) Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 422/entry S$ 379.80/entry
Non‑member S$ 493/entry S$ 443.70/entry
Student Member S$ 45.50/entry S$ 38.25/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 51/entry S$ 45.90/entry


  • Multiple entries discount is only applicable for projects submitted in one single payment.
  • Payment processing fee of 2% applies.

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