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Entry Fees

Submit early and get an additional 10% off for single or multiple entries in any category!
Early Bird ends on Mon, 27 May 2024

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First & Second Entry Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 570/entry S$ 513/entry
Non‑member S$ 640/entry S$ 576/entry
Student Member S$ 55/entry S$ 50/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 65/entry S$ 60/entry
Third & Fourth Entry (10% Off) Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 513/entry S$ 461.70/entry
Non‑member S$ 576/entry S$ 518.40/entry
Student Member S$ 50/entry S$ 45/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 60/entry S$ 54/entry
Fifth & Subsequent Entries (15% off) Early Bird
IDCS Member S$ 484.50/entry S$ 436.05/entry
Non‑member S$ 544/entry S$ 489.60/entry
Student Member S$ 46.75/entry S$ 42.08/entry
Student Non‑Member S$ 55.25/entry S$ 49.73/entry


  • Multiple entries discount is only applicable for projects submitted in one single payment.
  • If you submitted to DEA 2023 you are automatically an IDCS member (If you have not set up your online profile or registered for your free year of membership you can do so HERE )
  • Payment processing fee of 2% applies.

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