PDP Events Overview

Professional Development Programme (PDP)


From August 2017 to June 2018, IDCS has created a highly anticipated calendar of events for our Professional Development Programme (PDP) ranging from Seminars, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Networking Events, Study Tours in conjunction with our Strategic Partner and Headline Sponsor AkzoNobel, all designed to improve the Interior Design knowledge and skills of practicing Interior Designers in Singapore. Access the PDP 2018 calendar of events here.




View photos from past PDP events here:

24 AUG 2017Colour Harmony & Combinations [SEM01a] + Sustainability – Why Materials, Finishes & Colour Matter [SEM02a]

20 SEP 2017Interior Design vs Interior Decoration [SEM03A]

11 OCT 2017: Design Concepts – Creating The Best For Your Client [SEM04A]

27 OCT 2017: Best in Class – Chris Lee of Asylum [SE01]

30 NOV 2017: Sustainability + Merging Art & Technology in Design [SEM02A + SEM05A]

6 DEC 2017: Wine & Cheese Night [INN01]

12 Jan 2018: Industry Bowling Night [ITE01]

22 Feb 2018: Colour Harmony & Combinations + Brandification: Redefining Corporate Spaces [SEM01+SEM07]

7 March 2018: Wine & Cheese Night [INN02]

26 April 2018: Design Concepts + Merging of Art & Technology in Design [SEM04+05]

24 May 2018: Interior Design vs Interior Decoration Distinctions [SEM03]

21 June 2018: Building Information Modelling (BIM) + Design for Transformation [SEM06+SE02]

22 Sep 2018Industry Trade Event – AkzoNobel Yachting Day [ITE02]

11 Oct 2018Industry Dialogue Session [ITE03]