Elevating Classics
EightyTwo 20 Apr 2021

Elevating Classics

A Mid-Century Modern take with influences of Minimalist and Contemporary styles to a 24-year-old residential unit and home to a three-generational family. Bespoke and customised Terrazzo was used widely in the design – to the island of the Dry Kitchen and the cladding of the walls in the Master Bathroom. Danish furniture pieces, wooden slates, deliberate arched wall, frames the windows and sets the tone for this Mid-Century Modern design home.

About EightyTwo
Defying labels, debunking conventions, and transcending trends – EightyTwo designs are the distilled essence of people and how they live. Everything you touch, feel, and perceive is the metamorphism of a long, tedious creative process and a carefully curated collection of artistic decisions. Just like our name, our designs are open-ended, allowing for multiple interpretations and a symbolic representation of our creativity.