Design Excellence Awards (DEA)


Design Excellence Awards is an interior design competition organised by IDCS in 2003 to recognise and celebrate the best interior design projects in Singapore. In 2014, the Design Excellence Awards established two distinct award categories, one for Interior Design practitioners called “Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)” and the second award category “Spatial Design Awards (SPADE)” was designed to reward and recognise interior design works by students. In 2018/2019, DEA was opened for interior design submissions from all over the world.



Design Excellence Awards is organised with the following objectives:

  1. Provide an international bench-marking platform to raise interior design standards
  2. Recognise and celebrate great design
  3. Promote interior designers and students

Media coverage will be given by IDCS and/or media partners for winners and finalists. IDCS is also currently seeking collaboration opportunities with partners to showcase DEA projects. Contact us at [email protected]

Submissions for DEA 2024 is now open!