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IDCS Residential Pricing Poll 2022

IDCS Posted on 26 Jan 2023

In 2022, IDCS embarked on an industry poll this year to collate residential pricing data points to help us better understand the market and develop more sustainable price points for our industry.

We thank all the participants that contributed and provided IDCS with this important information so we can share this information and help the industry become more transparent and establish sustainable pricing guidelines for the market.

The findings have been summarised in this report for purchase.

This report is NOT a pricing guide, but data findings from IDCS pricing poll.

10% off at Shangri-La, Kerry, JEN and more for IDCS Members

Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) Posted on 31 Aug 2022

IDCS has joined the Shangri-la Business Travel Program, so effective from the 1st Sep 2022, all IDCS Members can enjoy 10% off Flexible Rates at all Shangri-La, Kerry, JEN, Traders and selected resorts of the Shangri-La Group worldwide.

Reservations are to be made online with the unique booking code generated for IDCS, for quick and easy check on availability and confirmation of rooms. For more information, please email [email protected].