Design Concepts + Merging of Art & Technology in Design

Design Concepts + Merging of Art & Technology in Design

26 April 2018 – 7 May 2018
6:30pm – 9:00pm

National Design Centre
Training Rooms 1–4
111 Middle Road

Singapore 188969

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The Client may be King, but he’s not a Designer.

In a nutshell, the creative process behind developing the best for your clients is first defining the interior design’s purpose is and how it’ll be achieved before any designing begins. It is setting a framework for the design concept and all the next design decisions that will be undertaken.

And what clients look for is not always that best. You may be giving puzzled looks now but what clients desire are the designer to present a solution to their problems! In this case the problem here is a requirement of a concept that appeals and speaks to the client’s brand ethos.   

A brief from the client is not the same or reflective of your own research and interpretation. In most cases, a design professional always provides fresh perspective. 

It all starts with a brief
Questioning the brief
Understanding the brief
Restrictions, limitations and other fun stuff

Topics covered include:

  • Who is your client
  • Who is your client's client, customer or guest
  • How to present a concept
  • Applying your expertise

Creative Director, designphase dba
A no nonsense Dutch designer, edgy, experimental, original and humorous. Joris adds a touch of glam to the typical minimalist design aesthetic associated with Dutch Design. Top of his class, Joris graduated as Bachelor of Interior Architecture from the cutting-edge Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, one of the most prestigious art schools in the Netherlands. With nearly 2 decades of experience, he creates pragmatic solutions that bend the rules and challenge dogmas. Sometimes provocative, always innovative, Joris’ background in business economics helps him to drill down to the core essence of the assignment or client’s DNA to spark the creative concept. Headquartered in Singapore, Joris travels the world attending to projects that span the  globe. Diversity in cultures, philosophies and aesthetic juxtapositions spark new ideas, concepts and form relentless inspiration.


In this seminar, Amy from Aym Design will be discussing how art and technology are intrinsically linked and the growing importance that it has on our work as designers today.

Technology has become an integral and seemingly natural part of everyday life. We have now all been given the tools to seamlessly merge technology within our art of design. However, it is only those of us that choose to wholly embrace or challenge the new advancements in technology that will allow the process of expression to take place. 

Key points from Amy’s talk include:

  • How merging art and technology will become crucial in modern interior design
  • Embracing changes in technologies can give us the tools to create new and original designs
  • How we must now consider IOT.

Managing Director & Founder, Aym Design
Amy originally trained as an Interior Architect in the UK, but became deeply inspired by the diverse mix of cultures and styles that Asia offered. After a move to Singapore she founded Aym Design in 2013. Over the past 4 years, Aym Design has established a reliable reputation for creating highly efficient planning solutions and branded interior design concepts.  Amy has a holistic approach to design and believes not only in building strong relationships with her clients, but also in generating a rich understanding of the different personalities and businesses she serves. The culture she is building at Aym Design strives to be more than just the interior designer.  She wants to educate and guide her clients seamlessly though the project process.