Elevating Classics
EightyTwo 20 Apr 2021

Elevating Classics

Japanese zen philosophy of wabi-sabi was incorporated into the concept in pursuit of an interior that evokes calmness and promoted well-being. A soothing palette of off-white, earth hues and wood tones was utilised to create a space that straddles luxurious and ruminant.  A wall in the living room was stripped bare of plaster to allow the red bricks to make a statement, drawing parallels to the red tiled roofs of the low-rise shophouses outside the windows in the living room. And raw concrete beams which were discovered hidden within the false ceiling prior to renovation were left exposed as-is, providing a textural juxtaposition of the raw and the refined, adding to the wabi-sabi appeal. Round-edged top cabinets in the kitchen, vanity top in the main bathroom and segmental arch at the windows in the living room give a nod to the Art Deco era architecture found in Tiong Bahru.

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